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How many people use Facebook?

Approximately 150 million people use Facebook in the U.S. – worldwide there are approximately 800 million users. Currently, the average user has 229 friends. It is an astounding number and growing bigger everyday!

My organization already has a Facebook page, why would I need Megaphone?

It’s great that you have a Facebook page. However, we find that a Facebook page alone typically is not effective in promoting a business to prospective clients. More than likely those going to your Facebook page are existing customers, not prospects. You are in effect, “preaching to the choir”.

The difference is that Megaphone pro-actively encourages and rewards happy clients for providing word-of-mouth referrals for your company on their Facebook page. It’s all about the power of word-of-mouth referrals! Megaphone pro-actively captures these referrals and combines it with the incredible networking power of Facebook.  Happy clients are encouraged and rewarded for providing word-of-mouth referrals for your company in a simple and automated manner. That’s powerful! Who better to promote your company than your happy clients?

I have a “like” button on my company website and Facebook page – how is Megaphone any different or better?

With a “like” button, you must first drive people to your website – this is not an easy or cheap undertaking, unless you have the luxury of a very large marketing budget. Even if you are able to drive clients or prospects to your site, you have no control whether or not they ever hit the “like” button.

Megaphone is a “like” button on steroids! With Megaphone you are pro-actively capturing the most powerful form of advertising available – word-of-mouth referrals! You aren’t hoping that people will “like” you, instead you are intentionally and consistently motivating and rewarding your happy customers to promote your business to their friends. Word-of-mouth referrals from your happy customers to their close network of friends. What’s not to “like” about that?!

If a customer posts a referral for my business on their Facebook page, can I control what the “post” says?

Yes. You have complete control of what the “post” will look like, including the ability to add an image (logo, picture) as well as what the content says. However, your customer also has the ability to add comments to the post.


Is it essential that I reward my clients for their referral?

Absolutely not. Different strokes for different folks. You can decide whether or not to reward your customers, and what to offer as a reward. If you decide to reward your customers, here is one piece of solid advice: The better the reward, the higher your response will be. The beauty is that you can create any incentive that you desire and change it as desired. Be creative!

Does my company need to have a website to use Megaphone?

No, a website is not required. However, you will want to lead interested prospects (those responding to your customer’s word-of-mouth referrals) to a destination that promotes your company. This could be a website, a video link, or other promotion with a url (web address).

What is a “Referral Request”?

A “Referral Request” is a request you send to a customer by email asking them to give your company a referral on their Facebook page. Megaphone automatically turns a “Referral Request” into a customized, branded, word-of-mouth referral on your customer’s Facebook page if they choose to respond positively to your request. If they respond negatively to your request, there is no posting of their response to Facebook.

What is a “Referral Request Campaign”?

A “Referral Request Campaign” consists of multiple “Referral Requests” that are distributed each month. A campaign is easily managed within the Megaphone back-end administrative portal and allows for complete campaign customization utilizing your own brand image, personalized messaging and custom coupon tool that incentives your happy customers to give you word-of-mouth referrals on their Facebook page. Depending on which package you purchase, either a single campaign or multiple campaigns can be distributed each month.

Why would I ever need multiple “Referral Request Campaigns?”

There are many examples where the ability to create multiple Referral Request Campaigns each month would be of tremendous benefit – as an example, organizations with multiple sales people or other key personnel (technicians, service personnel, etc…) would benefit from personalized campaigns coming from each person. The Silver and Gold packages provide the ability for this feature.

Do people who have a negative response to our survey question have the ability to post their response to Facebook?

No. Only people who respond favorably to your survey question are given the ability to post their response to Facebook – ensuring that you are only sending out positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Those who respond negatively will be asked for further information that only you will see, providing valuable feedback to better service your customers going forward.

Simple. Automated. Powerful.

Harness the power of word-of-mouth referrals!

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